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24-Nov-2017 06:32

In most cases, it's about the equivalent to a tap on the shoulder. Its a good to have a meaning to understand people using the sensitive word in each person he/she did not know the person who sending....

But to the one who already has a CRUSH on the opposite sex, using POKES might be one of the best ways to TEST the waters.

According to some people we interviewed, Guy Moyoyo of Accra ( Not his real name) says he Pokes only pretty women he has crush on.

Our research findings is that many people get more POKES a day than others.

It can also be a reciprocal hello, especially when a person has been poked and chooses to respond.

Certainly the poke is quicker than writing on someone's wall, and depending on privacy settings, it may be possible to poke people who aren't presently friends.

Hashi is one of hundreds of mostly teenage sex workers living a painful life of exploitation in the brothel.

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French style e kiss korte korte she amar dui haat or buker moddhe niye dhoriye rakhlo.

Again, different levels of participation and interest on the network may cause the game to come to a quick stop if a person poked doesn't respond. 3 Pokes mean Hi Dear I need Your Attention, more than 4 means Hello, Dont you get the message that I am falling in love with you....... Ultimately, the poke is typically what people make of it: mostly a hello, and occasionally more significant.