Consolidating sap systems

05-Jul-2017 11:50

The company can simply outsource the operation and maintenance of the system environments, and it can also rely on German data privacy and data protection measures for its SAP system.

Ultimately, the SAP system in the form of Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions is merely billed according to the actual capacity provided.

As a result, the total cost of ownership for the SAP system can be reduced by up to 30 percent.

2017 --BOSTON MA -- smart Shift Technologies is pleased to announce a multi-year collaboration with BMW Group in which they will use smart Shift’s Automation platform to automate the digital transformation and management of BMW Group´s global portfolio of ERP systems.

Simplified processes with Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions minimize the risk of system failure.

Customers can add and cancel servers automatically as needed.

The company based in Germany is not just the largest provider within the “SAP Hosting” category, but is also one of the very best according to PAC.

Companies ask questions like this in relation to their SAP system.

This version of cloud-based operation using SAP business software helps to speed up the time-to-market.

The core of BMW’s applications is built on SAP with a global portfolio of over 80 critical systems on the SAP platform.

BMW is combining a Dev Ops mindset and agile approach with best-in-class Tooling and Automation software to allow for standardization, modernization and consolidation of their SAP portfolio.Use cases include: BMW Group has also designed processes into the program integrating SAP solution manager and other tooling to optimize processes including System Analysis, Code Branching and Testing Optimization to streamline all aspects of modernizing and managing its SAP portfolio.

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