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The oil is perfect for anointing talismans and amulets recharging and vivifying them with renewed energy and power. The famous one-eyed coconut (an anomaly) is traditionally known in Asian cultures as an occult object that attracts beneficent and positive forces and spirit-intelligences that blesses its Keeper.

This is a rare occult item that carries Nature's spiritual fire. It is a rare and scarce item that only certain people are destined to find and possess.

It attracts luck and helps the user to build-up self-confidence, charisma, an authoritative bearing, etc. Many practitioners have acquired experiential knowledge and acquired important information from the metaphysical worlds--these have built practitioners' faith in God's omnipotence.

This item requires ritualistic chanting during the practice.

The magickally empowered oil is a blend of secret ingredients--it comes in a vial of approximately 2--3cc.

It is easy to use and can be carried in a white pouch as a talisman.

Have your own invisible helper from the higher astral worlds!

This magickal item has a spiritual helper, an ancestor human spirit associated with it.

This is a rare item and difficult to acquire--stock is limited.Specially formulated, secret occult oil from the fat of the golden deer blended with aromatic oils of sacred, magickal woods.