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And the fact that more than half of those visits are on mobile means that there is a ready and willing audience of creators and consumers for live streams made on mobile.

While broadcast TV has died a little in the age of on-demand content, it’s services like this, created on platforms the size of You Tube, that have a shot of resuscitating live video popularity for today’s consumers and creators. You Tube — like Facebook — has been playing with a lot of different formats for how best to monetize video — from autoplaying videos interspersed with ads to adding “midroll” ads during a single video” on its platform — and today marks a wider launch of another revenue-generating feature.

As with the more limited roll out, the live streaming feature is built into the app, where you will be able to snap a cover picture, and then press another button to start recording.

Once the live video is over, You Tube visitors will be able to discover them just like they would any other video (and you the creator can also set up privacy features as you would for any other video).

Perhaps one of the most interesting things about Super Chat is that it lays the groundwork for paying for a whole lot of other things during live streams, and also helps motivate creators to make more of these live streams as part of their bigger business efforts.

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Both allow you to fill out your location and profile as a way to meet new people in your area, or even another country.

Services like Trillian, Gaim, Adium and Miranda developed hacks to communicate across the different protocols.

After a period of “cat and mouse” where AOL fought interoperability by making small changes to AIM, cross-platform interoperability has become a standard feature in most new chat programs. c=be502e6f444fb35cbfe1998827b3efd1&skn=0&play Sound=0AIM Express was an early version of chat programs that split away from a downloadable client and ran in your web browser instead.

The opening up of You Tube mobile live streaming comes about six months after Google first turned on the feature for a select number of users (such as Lewis of Unbox Therapy and athlete-turned-You Tuber Ben Brown).

In a blog post, product managers Barbara Macdonald and Kurt Wilms write that the feature will soon be rolled out even more widely, beyond the 10,000 follower mark set today.

Meebo branched out even further by allowing embeddable chat on any website through their Meebo Me widget.

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