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As such, most pet owners want their furry family members to live long and healthy lives.

One of the best ways to make sure that happens is by investing in a pet insurance policy.

However, these companies all vary in services covered, cost, customer service, and claim reimbursement.

Before selecting a pet insurance provider you should consider the following: If you asked every pet lover you encountered in a day how they feel about their pets, theyd likely tell you they view them as family members, not pets.

Alliance Medical has agreements in place with all the health insurers including VHI, Aviva Health, Laya Healthcare, Glo Healthcare and Irish Life Health.

Please check with your provider for details of your plan when booking your scan.

This company offers several different pet insurance policies to meet your specific financial needs.

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Pets Best pet insurance provides an easy to use website with an instant quote option.It is less expensive but your overall savings would be less should your pet need a major operation that was covered by one of the other plans.