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22-Oct-2017 21:54

"I have always brushed off unfair criticisms, but these recent accusations affected me," she says.

"Each viewer who wanted to vote had to key in his IC number and can only register once.

Nurul, who learnt to speak Mandarin by watching Channel 8 dramas when she was young, had also taken on a supporting role as Vincent Ng's fiancee in the 2005 Channel 8 drama Love Concierge.

The trilingual actress has done Channel 5 English dramas such as this year's telemovie, Love Is Love: Sunshine, as well as the second season of crime series Code Of Law last year.

As fate would have it, her natural charisma and striking looks helped her through the first few rounds.

She did not win in the end and managed only to snag third place, but her involvement in Juara became a launching pad for her eventual ascension in the Malay television scene.

A spare room has been converted into a makeshift photo studio and she doubles as a model and photographer for Studiofrost.

When Suria, Media Corp's Malay television station, put out a call for Juara, a talent competition in 2002, it was this friend, Diah Mastura Roslan, now her sister-in-law, who submitted an application on Nurul's behalf.